If you’re unable to download ATHENA. on your phone or other electronic device, you always  have the option of listening here. Along with each episode, transcripts are available for access in PDF format. Happy listening / reading!
1.01 / / TEENAGE ANGST. 
18-year-old Athena is becoming to be at odds with herself and intends to work out her problems, all while gaining a curiosity for a certain view.


1.02 / / THE BASE AND DATA. 
While Athena has a hatred for the environment she lives in, she also has an admiration for it, as she uses her ship’s resources wisely to help with a major life decision.
1.03 / / A NEW BEGINNING. 
The pressure for Athena heightens as she steps out of her comfort zone and risks everything she loves. 


1.04 / / 31 / 8 / 1940. 


Everyone needs a change of scenery, sometimes. Including Athena.  

1.05 / / KEEP CALM. CARRY ON. 


LISTENER DISCRETION: Some sound effects in this episode may be startling. 


Athena begins to make transitions into a new society as she logs off her journal and into a new world. 

1.06 / / WORRIED SICK. 

Athena realizes that maybe a discouraging "no" from parents is not such a bad thing after all. 

1.07 / / YOU ARE WANTED, TOO. 
People need to take that leap of faith to befriend others. Athena is in desperate need of learning such skill.